ASK Amy is a fun and easy to use framework for developing Alexa Skills. We hope you will like the design approaches we have taken to help simplify many of the complexities of developing Alexa Skills. The framework helps new skills developers with many sample applications that can be deployed in minutes and then modified to meet specific use cases. Advanced developers will find that although the framework provides many best practice patterns and guardrails the full Alex Request JSON is always available for interrogation for niche cases.

features Key Features:

  • The Template Skill Code Generator creates a deploy-able skill template from an Alexa Intent Schema JSON file.
  • A AWS CLI Wrapper simplifies Lambda function creation, deployment, and CloudWatch log file dumps.
  • The No Code Persistence provides automatic saving and restoration of session state attributes across skill invocations.
  • Multiple Data Scopes supports encapsulation of attributes at the Request, Intent, Session, and Application scopes which enhances data visibility and minimizes the use of session scope attributes when it is not required or desired.
  • The JSON to Object Marshalling feature, automatically converts Alex JSON Events into Python Objects and Converts Python Reply Objects into Alex JSON format for return to the Alexa Service.
  • The State Manager provides a simple yet powerful finite state machine that manages expected intents and required field processing.
  • Numerous Sample Applications are provided, demonstrating Amazon’s blueprint samples from their Java and Node.JS GitHub repos.
  • Comprehensive Logging and log level throttling is provided to support development, debug, & production monitoring.

benefits Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Developer Productivity The ASK Amy framework encapsulates much of the boiler plate code required for skill deployment enabling developers to focus on writing core skill functionality.
  • Enhanced User Experience Design Productivity With ASK AMY the user experience (UX) is provided in a separate JSON file which can be developed and tweaked independent of the skill code.
  • Improved Agility The ASK Amy framework is designed with change in mind and can easily accommodate iterative and incremental development and deployment.
  • Simplified Deploy and Debug Cycles Ask Amy reduces developer frustration with AWS logs and browser-based deployments with directed tools supporting the specific needs of Alexa Skill development.

design Design Principles:

  • Separation of Concern abstracting the text/speech of intent responses into a JSON document and providing a clear demarcation of intent processing, user experience (UX) and application specific code.
  • Paradigm Consistency using similar terminology and design patterns found in the Alexa Service development allows for a more seamless flow between interaction model and ASK Amy Skill development.
  • Extensible Framework provides plug-able components to support additional state machines or different databases.
  • Microservices approach to skill development and application integration enhances reuse-ability of code.

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