Installing Ask Amy

ASK Amy is written in the Python language, the minimum required version is 3.5. Skills developed with ASK Amy can be hosted on any Alexa compatible environment however the toolkit is optimized for deployment on AWS Lambda which is currently supporting Python 3.6

PIP install ASK Amy

Installation is simple, all platforms can install using Pythons package manager (PIP). Simply go to the command line on your system and type pip install ask_amy:


C:\> pip install ask_amy

Mac OSX & Linux

$ pip install ask_amy

Python Prerequisites and Optional Install’s

  • Install Python (Prerequisite)
  • Download from
  • Insure the you choose the correct install for your system x64 or x32
  • Install version 3.5 or higher
  • Be sure that Python is added to your PATH
  • Install an IDE (Optional)
  • Install Git (Optional)


For those interested in source code snapshots.

ASK Amy packages are available on the Python Package Index.

You can also download from the Git repository